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About Daylle

“One woman determined to break stereotypes and make her fantasies real.

New York Newsday

Daylle Deanna Schwartz, M.S. is a writer, speaker, self-empowerment counselor, music industry consultant, bestselling author and founder of The Self-Love Movement™ , which creates initiatives to help people build self-love. She writes a column on self-empowerment for Huffington Post and Lessons from a Recovering DoorMat on Beliefnet.

Daylle is president of the NYC tri-state chapter of American Society of Journalists and Authors. Her self-empowerment books, including Nice Girls Can Finish First, All Men Are Jerks until Proven Otherwise, and How to Please a Woman In & Out of Bed have made her a popular guest on Daylle has been a guest on over 450 TV and radio shows, including:

Oprah • Good Morning America • Howard SternInside Edition • Strategy Room with Alan Combes • BBC • Fox News • CNN • Maury PovichKTLA Morning News (Los Angeles) • Z-Morning Zoo (New York) • Joey Reynolds (WOR)Candace Bushnell (Sirius radio) • Montel Williams America in the Morning with Jim Bohannon

She has been quoted as an expert or written about in dozens of publications, including:

The New York Times • NY Post (several times) • Cosmopolitan • Chicago Sun-Times • Redbook • Chicago TribuneNY Daily NewsWomen’s WorldMen’s Fitness • Marie Claire • Men’s Health

The Self-Love Movement™ was launched because so few people love themselves and Daylle wants to change that. She created the 31 Days of Self-Love Commitment on, asking people to sign a pledge to do something loving for themselves for the next 31 days. Her 13th book, How Do I Love Me? Let Me Count the Ways, is being given away for free to give thanks for the blessing of learning to love herself. Daylle is determined to teach people how to empower themselves by loving themselves more.

Daylle’s best-selling Start & Run Your Own Record Label, The Real Deal: How to Get Signed to a Record Label and I Don’t Need a Record Deal! Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution (Billboard Books/Random House) have a huge international market. Her relationship books have been translated into 10+ languages. and are popular around the world. Start & Run Your Own Record Label is in its third edition. Daylle speaks for colleges, organizations, and corporations on both self-empowerment and music business and writes.

People ask how Daylle can have two distinctive platforms. Easy! She brings the lessons from one field of expertise into the other. The music industry is based on relationships. Fans of her music business books and e-zine appreciate how Daylle weaves her tools for self-empowerment into her advice for conquering the music industry. Many of the techniques for getting taken seriously in the music industry end up in her self-empowerment writing.

Daylle is a recovering DoorMat, which motivated her her popular column, Lessons From a Recovering DoorMat. She was pushed into marriage at 20 and became a schoolteacher, after buying into the “Shoulds and Can’ts” of her upbringing. Her poor sense of self kept her stuck in a lifestyle she didn’t want. As she slowly learned to value herself, Daylle developed the courage to face life as a single woman. She made a vow to never let what others said stop her from pursuing her passions.

Now Daylle pushes past obstacles. She began to feel more empowered when she accepted a dare from students who said a white woman couldn’t rap. Daylle set out to prove them wrong because she didn’t want them to grow up believing that stereotypes could stop them. When music industry people ripped her off as she tried to get a record deal, Daylle’s students encouraged her to get revenge and offered to do nasty things to them for her. Instead, she taught them a spiritual lesson—use the energy behind anger to do something positive. Daylle opened Revenge Productions and Revenge Records, her positive revenge. Nicknamed “the rappin’ teach,” she successfully ran the label for five years.

The music industry was male-dominated. Daylle was one of the few women to start and successfully run a record label in the days when Russell Simmons was bringing Def Jam Records to the forefront of hip hop and Tom Silverman was making waves with Tommy Boy Records. People didn’t take her seriously, and humored her instead of showing respect. But Daylle took herself seriously and developed techniques for handling herself in nice ways that earned respect from the men. Many of her Nice Girls on Top skills began there.

After conquering the music industry, Daylle began teaching music business workshops, which are attended by people from around the country and the world. Dubbed the “Indie Music Guru” by many people, Daylle took what she learned and began educating musicians on how to develop a satisfying career. Many females in the industry look at her as a role model. She’s still one of the few women to have reached her respected level in guiding musicians. Daylle also does consulting for musicians and independent record labels. Her goal is to help musicians learn how to empower themselves.

Daylle is known for her straightforward, friendly style of communicating and mixes a good dose of practicality and spirituality into all of her lectures. Having overcome the obstacles that she speaks about, Daylle Deanna Schwartz motivates people to go out and take control of their own lives!