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I Don‘t Need a Record Deal

I Don‘t Need a Record Deal

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About The Book

The dynamics of the music industry have changed dramatically. Musicians now recognize that a majority of artists who have record deals don‘t make money or have longevity. Many are proving that they no longer must depend on a record label to have a career with their music. Indie music guru Daylle Deanna Schwartz believes that musicians can earn a full time living, IF they develop their talent and commit to working hard.

Why let someone else choose the direction for your music or tell you how to look? Why pay a record label back for the cost of recording your album out of your small royalties and still not own the master? Most indie musicians won‘t be rock stars but they don‘t care, as long as music is their day job!  

I Don‘t Need a Record Deal! is a comprehensive guide for empowering those who want to make a living from their musical talents. Daylle provides tools for developing a satisfying career, with or without a record deal, with directions for finding almost every possible way to earn a musical income, including:

I Don‘t Need A Record Deal! is a road map to building a career by developing musical talent to a profitable level. Daylle presents concrete resources for creating a business around music in order to become a musician without a day job. The music industry can be conquered independently. Artists don‘t have to get desperate. They can walk away from bad record deals because they have choices. It‘s time to establish a personal declaration of independence for creating a long-term music career!

Over 150 people—successful major label artists who‘ve chosen to be independent, successful indie artists, and music industry professionals—contributed their experiences and insight to this invaluable guide for surviving and thriving in today‘s music business by developing an independent music career.

What People Say About The Book

“I‘ll admit it, I was skeptical. Another book on how to be a musician? Come on. They‘re all alike. But I Don‘t Need A Record Deal! was wooed me like no other music-biz book has. First off, Schwartz assumes that you want to remain an independent artist; to that end, she doesn‘t offer a glossary of royalty-speak or advice on how to kiss industry tuckus. What she does provide is loads of creative ideas on how to be successful as an indie...This one doesn‘t stand a chance of joining the dusty tomes at my next garage sale.”

—American Songwriter Magazine

“Some books you read and enjoy, this book you study and live by it. The world is major but I was born independent. So why not remain independent? Why beg for a record deal....when I can deal my own records.”

—Preech-Ma “You don‘t need this book. You can learn everything it says by talking to musicians and record labels, and trial and error. . . go to seminars and conferences on small business and marketing. You can spend a couple years (or longer) reaching the same conclusions, meanwhile missing some opportunities and revenue along the way. . . . But for $20 US you could get nearly 300 pages of useful advice. You could stop spinning your wheels and feeling exhausted about your sputtering music career. This book has the tips that will make you more successful as a musician.”

—Mote magazine

I Don‘t Need A Record Deal! Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution is definitely required reading. Nicknamed Indie Music Guru, Schwartz will have you pumping and flexing your indie muscles in no time with expert tips to work the press, make a livable musical wage, secure radio airplay and handle your own publicity. If you need help with anything else . . this book‘s got your back and then some. . . . With Schwartz‘s help, D.I.Y. stardom is finally yours for the taking.”


“Schwartz uses her own unique style to give you an insider‘s view on the guidelines necessary for success. With interviews from 150 industry executives, she will walk you through putting out your own recording and marketing it yourself. If you listen, she can be the voice that will teach you how to make a business out of your music and run it yourself, while avoiding typical industry pitfalls.”

—Crave Magazine

“Veteran music business guru Daylle Deanna Schwartz has written a survival guide for the indie musician struggling in today‘s tumultuous music business.” —Music Connection magazine

“A major strength of I Don‘t Need a Record Deal is Schwartz’s ability to effortlessly switch the tone of the book from a cheerleader/motivational to beer buddy blunt honesty . . . For musicians brave enough to do something with their career other than playing to the same 20 drunken friends on a Wednesday night I Don‘t Need a Record Deal! is a must read.”

—Ear Candy Magazine

“The book is full of practical ideas for marketing, touring, and recording, helping you get the maximum professional result on the minimum budget. Plus, it is all presented in an easy-to-understand format.”


“You did it again Daylle!!! Having a comprehensive collection of interviews with actual DIY artists helped me evaluate strategies and learn techniques from people who actually applied it to their careers. It‘s extremely helpful, an excellent read.”

—SHEE, Songwriter, Rap Recording Artist

“I went to the beach this week and read I Don‘t Need a Record Deal! through twice—cover to cover. I was amazed at how thorough it was, and how easy to read. I think it single-handedly may have changed my life as an artist. Man, it just took me through every aspect of being an independent musician: from being on the road, to indie resources to viewing your self as a just totally put together—in a concise and interesting format—all the things that I have always thought about, but was never able to completely articulate. Thanks for writing a great book. I shall pass the title on to my friends.”

—Andy Mullen, Independent Musician

"I swear, since I started reading your book, I‘ve sent out AT LEAST a dozen more press kits, fired a manager and started writing more! Thanks for the huge surge of creativity!!”

—Sue Fabisch,

“After reading this book, not only has it answered lots of questions I’ve been having about releasing my own music, it also has given me the faith and inspiration to really do it and make it happen. This book is very matter of fact...a bit truthful when the truth hurts...but reality nevertheless. I recommend this book to anyone and everyone thinking of taking the DIY approach in any business adventure.”

—Starvon Jones

“This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make a living as a musical artist. Daylle gets down to business with lots of practical information and advice. Her recommendation to make connections are vital to one‘s survival in all ways. She has interviewed hundreds of artists who are making it on their own. With confidence and perseverance it is possible to have a satisfying career that also pays the bills. I recommend I Don‘t Need a Record Deal! to everyone involved in any area of the music business!”

—Conny Jasper, MA

“Your book speaks to my soul, because I‘m not doing what I was put on this earth to do! I try to convince myself otherwise, but occurrences happen to let me know, ‘You can run, but you hide‘’, such as Daylle’s book. With every page I read, I see my ‘other self’ writing music, singing for satisfaction, as opposed to fame & fortune. I didn‘t realize one could make such a successful living, being an Independent artist. Now I know I‘ve got to make some changes in my life. Thank you, Daylle!” —LeVera Sutton “I DON‘T NEED A RECORD DEAL is the essential roadmap for today‘s musicians of any genre and experience level.”

—Kenny Woods