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Start & Run Your Own Record Label, 3rd Edition

Start & Run Your Own Record Label, 3rd Edition

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About The Book

Though the music industry has changed dramatically in recent years, there has never been a better time than the present for anyone interested in starting a record label to market new talent or to release and promote their own music. With all the latest advances in digital sales and online networking, music can now be released, distributed and promoted for a fraction of traditional costs. In order to reflect these industry changes and new opportunities, Daylle Deanna Schwartz, the first woman to start and run a sustainable label on her own, has rewritten and expanded her classic, Start & Run Your Own Record Label

Start and Run Your Own Record Label is a comprehensive guidebook to building a record label, packed with how-to information about market trends and revenue streams for music releases. In addition to updated information on physical distribution, generating publicity, marketing and promotion, it also has new information about key issues including:

Daylle compiled exciting new interviews with hot industry professionals and independent labels including-Daniel Glass (founder, Glassnote Entertainment), Blogger Perez Hilton, Recording Artist CJ Baran (Push Play), Recording Artist Ingrid Michaelson, Scott Lapatine (founder, Stereogum), Jed Carlson (founder, ReverbNation), Jeff Price (founder, Tunecore), MP3 bloggers, music magazines editors, publicists and more-for the most up-to-date, authoritative, and practical guidebook available.

What People Say About The Book

"Daylle Deanna Schwartz has conveniently packaged all you need to know to start your own record label in a very reader-friendly book. What took me over ten years to learn the hard way, has been easily explained by Daylle. If you are thinking about competing in the oftentimes treacherous world of independent record labels, arm yourself with a book like this!"

—Ryan Kuper, Redemption Records

"In this new world of music, a book like Start & Run Your Own Record Label is essential reading! Our Gospel and Jazz clients are independent ON PURPOSE, and plan to stay that way. They know that THEIR future music business depends on controlling their own fate, and books like this help us all realize we CAN do it!"

—Eric Copeland, Producer,, Franklin, TN

"Regardless of which facet of the music industry you are involved in, if you want to succeed, there is only resource guide you will need: anything written by Daylle Deanna Schwartz. She has consistently rewritten music industry bibles. Start & Run Your Own Record Label is one of her books that have launched, and guided, a long list of successful music careers."

—Cheryl Harvey Hill, Journalist/Album Reviewer,, Las Vegas, NV

"Start & Run Your Own Record Label offers immense value and necessary lessons for those who decide to make entry into the music industry their goal."

—Israel Vasquetelle, publisher,, Orlando, FL

"I read Start & Run Your Own Record Label and I did exactly that. The book helped me develop my label. It afforded me the opportunity to make a living writing music for TV and film as well as touring college campuses. I am eternally grateful!"

—Elza, Squirrel Girl Inc., NY

"Daylle was maybe the very first to throw herself full force into the cause of encouraging independent musicians to seize their own power in the marketplace. Her commitment helped spawn a revolution-direct communication between dedicated artists and their audience. As the marketplace keeps evolving, Daylle continues to shine her probing light on fresh possibilities. Thanks to her research and inspiration, we have both nuts-and-bolts and spiritual support for having fun with this, whatever our genre-so we‘re going for it in classical too!"

—Robert Stallman & Hannah Woods,
Bogner‘s CafĂ© label, PA

"I have read Start & Run Your Own Record Label at least a dozen times and love the fact that Daylle is keeping up with the ever-changing music industry with new editions. This book is essential and a staple for anyone wanting to know the right way to put out music."

—Jay Ronan, CEO, Blue Duck Records, Boston, MA

"I have attended many seminars, and have read numerous publications on Do It Yourself promotion. Daylle‘s book, Start & Run Your Own Record Label is the most comprehensive, hands-on, nut and bolts guide to understanding the music industry. A Must Read!"

—Mark Regula, Ivory Tower Project, Howard Beach, NY

"Start and Run Your Own Record Label puts the keys to releasing yours and others‘ music in your lap. This manual is encouraging to a songwriter."

—Tftka Dawidalle aka daggakarab, Everett, WA

"I started my own label after reading this book. It gave me a sense of “this can be done” rather than “Oh my God, what am I doing.”

—Nathan Temby, Merica Records, San Francisco, CA

"Start & Run Your Own Record Label is a great reference for anyone in the music business to keep on hand. Even if you think you know it all, this book quickly clarifies any foggy moments. As a former label GM (Popular Records/BMG, West End Records), now publicity/marketing company owner, I find it a perfect compliment to This Business of Music."

—Andy Reynolds, President, Penetration, Inc., New York, NY

"Daylle has a straightforward way of explaining the business. However, while making clear all the work and effort entailed in making things happen, she also inspires and instills the belief that it is indeed all possible. This is an informative and motivational book that everyone serious about putting their music out into the world should read, and then keep re-reading."

—Michael Gilboe, Copperheadz Productions, New York, NY

"I want to create my own label in Europe and this book is a "bible" for those who want to start their own record company and develop it to the max."

—Vincent Habryn, Gravelines, France

"Daylle‘s book has been a guidebook to success for me and my small label. With my zeal for success and her ideas and testimony I‘ve been able to turn my dreams into a living reality!"

—Matt Allison, Recording Artist and Indie Label Owner,
Capetown, South Africa