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Self-Empowerment Counseling

Daylle does self-empowerment counseling for both women and men, on the phone and in person. Her goal is to help you learn how to empower yourself by giving tools and techniques for taking control of your life. She also uses EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), also called Tapping to help clients lea blocks that hold them back. Please contact for her fees.

Daylle’s counseling provides tools for improving your life. These include:

"I came to Daylle to help me build my confidence so I could advance at work and be better at dating women. She helped me pinpoint where I needed help and what to do about it."

—Dell Marsheck

"I wanted to love myself but couldn't because I still had all the memories of all the criticism I've gotten since childhood and my need to be perfect. Once Daylle and I talked about it, we did EFT to clear those blocks. Then we were able to work on building my self-love."

—Lily Burnstein

“I could never look in the mirror and see myself. With Daylle‘s help, I got the courage to first look in the mirror—and look back at myself without turning away. It was a long process and one itty-bitty baby step at a time I was able to tell myself I loved myself. First I felt foolish but time after time I did it and finally felt confident! I now believe it and I DO LOVE MYSELF—I now believe that I am a person worth loving! Daylle’s guidance got me here.”

—Ellen Gall

“After hearing Daylle speak, I booked a session with her. I never could deal with the idea of going to therapy, but I felt very comfortable with her and gave it a try. She didn’t tell me what to do, but guided me to figure out what was right for me. It didn’t feel like what I imaged therapy to be—more like a trusted friend to sort things out with. I was able to understand myself, and women, a lot better. Now my confidence has improved and I feel like a better person after a few sessions by phone!”
—Damian Gragero

“My husband and I were having problems. I’d read one of Daylle’s books and dragged Todd with me to meet with her. Literally dragged! But he was quickly comfortable with her. We talked. She gently pointed things out that we should pay more attention to. Todd even agreed to meet with her alone, as I did. It really helped get our marriage back on track. We highly recommend Daylle!”
—Samantha Faltner

Please contact for Daylle’s fees.