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Testimonials About Daylle

“I always imagine Daylle in a room with college students whose knowledge ranges from the idealistically naïve to the passionate-but-skeptical to those who are so very close to making their own careers happen that they can taste it. They have all come to hear her for different reasons. They listen to her talk about her own background; then they listen to solid advice told in a humorous, vivid and direct way. And they start to imagine a future for themselves. A memorable speaker doesn’t just leave the audience wanting more; a memorable speak—like Daylle—leaves the audience energized and ready for action. I am glad to recommend Daylle Deanna Schwartz.”  —Catherine Moore, Director
Music Business Program, New York University

“Speakers are seldom accorded a standing ovation as Daylle was when she spoke.” 
—Lewis Burke Frumkes, Director
The Writing Center, Marymount Manhattan College

“Daylle’s keynote speech was exceptional. She really gave the audience a clear "no hold barred" picture of the realities of the music business. She was informative as well as entertaining. We hope to have her as a speaker again soon.”
—Christine F. Robinson, Education Director
California Lawyers for the Arts

“Daylle is a powerful speaker and extremely generous with her time and insights. In her book signing for "I Don't Need a Record Deal," she mesmerized our audience for over an hour and ended up drawing in (and selling books to) shoppers who had no intention of even attending the signing. Daylle was extremely generous with her time and her insights, offering inspiring true-life stories from her research, experience, and interviews, as well as creative solutions to many of our customers' obstacles or questions. The solution always seemed so simple—AFTER Daylle came up with the idea. I honestly think Daylle should have her own radio program. But the really cool thing about Daylle is that she seems to get real enjoyment from helping others and can relate to just about anyone. Not into music? No problem. She's also a relationship expert, with several books on the subject and uncanny insight into what makes men (and women) tick. Having hosted author signings for over 13 years, I know that good writers aren't necessary good speakers—but Daylle's "live show" is every bit as entertaining, insightful, and inspiring as her books. It could even change your life." 
—Lori Hile, District Marketing Manager
Borders Books & Music, Chicago

“Daylle Deanna Schwartz has been a guest expert on Montel for three years. She has been an invaluable addition to different relationship shows. It doesn't matter if the topic is serious or light, Daylle addresses the real issues by getting to the root of the problem...without sugar-coating or double talk. Daylle has been particularly helpful in helping young women realize their own self-worth and self-esteem. Daylle is also instrumental in spotting the signs of an unhealthy relationship especially in terms of showing women how to help themselves before they can have a successful relationship.
—Missy Green, Producer, The Montel Williams Show

 “Engaging, inciteful, and eye opening. Daylle covered several aspects of the music industry on a level that all ranges of fans from beginner to pro could understand. The Q&A session was a great way to get people excited about the book and Daylle's knowledge. Very friendly, easy to speak to, and professional....most of which are not found in the music industry itself. I hope to have Daylle back to our store.”
—Melanie Carranza, Mgr-Sales Borders Books & Music, Houston

Daylle’s outstanding presentation was current, interesting, and loaded with specific, actionable advice—much of which is not readily available. I was happy to see a large audience, and I know it was more than worth their while.
—Ned Kantar, Augsburg College, Minneapolis, MN

Daylle really speaks to the “do it yourself” entrepreneurial nature of the music business as well as how important it is for a young artist to embrace these ideas and to develop them to remain on a successful career path.”
—Mark Smith, Chair, Department of Music
Chicago State University, Chicago, IL

“Daylle is energetic, enthusiastic, and thoroughly entertaining—a wealth of insight and information. Our students loved her and stayed after the session to learn more.”
—Philip E. Autry, Chair Fisk University Music Department, Nashville, TN

Daylle tells it like it is. She's easy to speak to and listen to as well. What is confusing, she makes understandable, and what seems difficult, she makes easy. Daylle is a great person to have on your side and, even though some would rather her not, she tells the things that need to be told.
—James Hearn, University of North Alabama

“Insightful and to the point, Daylle’s experience and expertise, and above all, her unfailing willingness to share her knowledge made for a terrifically valuable experience for my students.”
—John Martin, Director of Student Services
Michigan State University

“Daylle Deanna Schwartz mesmerized the crowd at the Bel Age Hotel's TEN20 Club with her frank and open information about the real world of the music-making industry. The crowd was eager for her inspirational message and extremely helpful tips of the trade. We were so engrossed in what she had to say that we hated to end her talk and hope we can get her back in our part of the world soon to share more of her very entertaining and most useful wisdom and insights.” 
—Judy Lamppu, Secretary, LA WoMen in Music, Los Angeles, CA

Daylle captures and captivates her audience, large or small. Speaking with confidence and knowledge, one can easily sense her passion for the subject and see it instilled in her audience as well."
—Dalia Goldgor, SE regional events manager for Tower Records

“Thank you for your visit to the University of Idaho. You made a real difference to our students. Your presentations were up-to-date and timely (in addition to being enthusiastic and entertaining!), and the students were all abuzz with ideas after your visit.”
—Susan Hess, Assistant Director
Lionel Hampton School of Music, University of Idaho

“It was very good for our students to hear you speak about current trends and survival strategies in the music business. Your presentation was dynamic, informative, and inspiring. Both the lecture and your recent book, I Don’t Need a Record Deal! Your Survival Guide for the Indie Music Revolution, do a great deal to demystify today’s music industry and offer practical solutions and advice to aspiring artists.”
—Robert Tanner, D.M.A., Moorehouse College

“I was very surprised and pleased at the intensity and effectiveness of your presentation to the students at Portland State University. You clearly have a deep understanding of your subject, and a very strong knowledge of how to get your message across.”
—Jim Corcoran, New Land Jazz Music Advocacy

"After interviewing Daylle Deanna Schwartz for my radio show, "Music Highway", and experiencing her intense passion and immense knowledge for helping aspiring musicians create fulfilling music careers on their own, I only wish she had of been around years ago. All she offers and the "easy to grasp and apply" manner in which she teaches would have certainly started the indie music revolution years before it started. With Daylle's knowledge, experience, and willingness to share what she knows there is no excuse for any musician not to find fulfillment in a career of their own."

—Ron Haney; producer; Music Highway radio show
(Rock 92.3, WYNU-FM Clear Channel), Jackson, TN